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Blues Fest Cares

Making a Difference Since 1988

The Waterfront Blues Festival is committed to providing a world-class event to the community of Portland and beyond that presents diverse musical arts, culture, and entertainment. We care about supporting organizations that are making a difference in our communities, providing them with an opportunity to connect and gain support from the tens of thousands of enthusiastic Blues Fest fans. The festival is committed to using its broad platform to create awareness and support for organizations focused on hunger relief efforts and music.

Meals on Wheels People
Meals on Wheels People has been changing lives, one meal at a time, since 1970. Every weekday they provide 8,000 meals to thousands of older adults in the greater Portland metro area. Their service not only alleviates hunger and social isolation, but allows seniors to live independently with dignity in their own homes. Aging in place reduces depression, falls and hospitalization as well as the high cost of institutional care.

The Jeremy Wilson Foundation
The Jeremy Wilson Foundation (JWF) offers comprehensive support to musicians, music industry workers, and their families during times of medical crisis. Their JWF Musician Health & Services Program, offers local musicians a single point-of-entry to comprehensive financial assistance, including consultative support through the JWF volunteer social services team.  The program has helped hundreds of music-makers in Oregon and Clark County, WA through serious medical crises, including terminal illness, since 2010.

Blues Fest Cares

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