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  • Andy T and Nick Nixon Band

    Andy T & Nick Nixon Band

    Drink Drank Drunk is an old-school barn-burner: the kind of disc that blows the dust — and the doors — off the Texas, Chicago, Louisiana, West Coast and deep soul traditions with a rare and vital song-oriented approach.

  • Anson Funderburgh

    Anson Funderburgh

    "None of the younger crop of blues guitarist come close as Anson does to achieving the classic Stratocaster tone defined by Otis Rush in the '50's and Magic Sam in the '60's.." ~Guitar Player

  • Ayron Jones

    Ayron Jones & The Way

    One of Seattle's hottest up-and-comers with his own brand of music dubbed, "urban rock," a hard-core version of the blues with the essence of Hip-Hop and the raw energy of punk.

  • Chris Bergson

    Chris Bergson Band

    "These guys could strip down the engine of a soul-blues-mobile and put it back together blindfold.” ~MOJO

  • Commander Cody

    Commander Cody

    “His floor-stomping mix of country, swing, and rockabilly can shake the rafters of any bar or club.” ~Hittin' the Note

  • Chris O'Leary Band

    The Chris O'Leary Band

    2011 Recipient of Best New Artist Award from Blues Blast Magazine

  • Curley Taylor

    Curley Taylor & Zydeco Trouble

    “Taylor may be the freshest Zydeco act to come along since Beau Jocque.” ~The Times of Acadiana

  • Hillstomp


    Their do-it-yourself brand of minimal gothic junkbox blues differs drastically from the 12-bar blues style listened to by your uncle.

  • Jeffrey Broussard

    Jeffrey Broussard and The Creole Cowboys

    One of the most influential accordionists and vocalists in modern Zydeco music

  • Kara Grainger

    Kara Grainger

    “Something in Grainger's passionate performance reached out through the door, grabbed people by the figurative scruff of the neck, and propelled them inside." ~John T. Davis, SXSW

  • Leo

    Leo "Bud" Welch

    At the age of 81, he put out his very first record and received accolades.

  • Yvette Landry

    Yvette Landry

    "She is seductive without playing the diva card, and writes songs that have grits and gravy spread all over them." ~Bill Bentley, Bentley’s Bandstand

  • Linda Hornbuckle

    Linda Hornbuckle's Old Time Gospel Hour

    Portland Soul Diva Linda Hornbuckle began her career as a gospel singer at her father Bishop Howard Hornbuckle’s church Grace & Truth Pentecostal.