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Media Pass Information

The Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival presented by First Tech Federal Credit Union (WBF) is owned and operated by Oregon Food Bank, a non-profit corporation that uses proceeds from the Festival to fight hunger and its root causes. Thank you for your interest in covering the 2017 Blues Fest and spreading the word about hunger relief in your media outlet. We appreciate your traveling from across the country to cover this event and we want this to be a great experience for all of the media, as well as our hard working volunteers and attendees.

A 2017 WBF Media Pass is for photo/journalists on assignment who regularly write about and cover music events, travel destination events, lifestyle events, and are published in local, national, regional, and international publications. Working media from most media will be considered, although submitting an application for a media pass does not guarantee it will be granted.  Freelance Portfolio Photographers will not be considered. Media & Photographers who have provided previous coverage for the festival will have first consideration.

Due to the large amount of requests received each year, the Festival is unable to accommodate every request, but each application will be reviewed carefully.  If your application is approved, your media pass will be available at Festival Will Call starting Friday, June 30 at 10 a.m. 

2017 Media Passes & Application Process

All Media applications must be submitted before June 15, 2017, to ensure it is reviewed.  You will be notified within 10 days of submitting your application if your application was accepted.

No Media Passes will be granted on the actual days of the festival without prior authorization through the application process.

Media Passes will be granted to each individual named on the attached application and are non-transferable. Any mis-use of your pass will result in immediate revocation for the duration of the festival and for any future applications. If you are unable to attend the entire festival, your pass will only be valid on the days you indicate below.

There are two types of Passes Issued: MEDIA and PHOTO.  
Both passes will grant you complimentary entrance to all of the days you have indicated below. Both passes will grant you access to all general viewing areas.

There are stages: BR (Brewery Stage, south main), BL (First Tech Blues Stage, north main), CS (FedEx Crossroads Stage), FP (Oregonian Front Porch Stage).  Media passes do not grant backstage access to any stage.

Each Publication approved may apply for one MEDIA pass and one additional PHOTO pass.


Please submit your application and media materials to:

Tara Taylor, Strategic Partnership Manager
Oregon Food Bank
503-575-2109 (office)
503-282-0922 (fax)

Stage Information & Access

There are stages: BR (Brewery Stage, south main), BL (First Tech Blues Stage, north main), CS (FedEx Crossroads Stage), FP (Oregonian Front Porch Stage). Media passes do not grant backstage access to any stage.

The following access applies at each stage:

FP: There is no photo pit at the FP Stage. Both passes are welcome to use any seating areas in front of the stage or the small seating area on the stage, if there is room. PHOTO may also shoot from the same side on the stage, up to the marked edge of the stage. There is no On-Stage shooting at this stage.

CS: There is no backstage or pit area at the CS stage. PHOTO may shoot from anywhere in the audience. Please be mindful of the crowd and the limited seating.

BL: MEDIA will have No On-Stage, Backstage, or Photo Pit access. PHOTO will have limited access and time-frame limits for on-stage shooting, from the right side of the stage only, and will be managed by the Stage Manager and Gate Access Manager. Due to the limited seating and performer requirements, and their guests, PHOTO will not have on stage seating access unless approved by Stage Manager. PHOTO will have full access to Photo Pit in the Front of the Stage. The Stage/Access Manager will have full authority to “Lock-Down” stage access from PHOTO at any given time throughout the festival, including managing the number of PHOTO people on-stage.  Limit your shooting time to 5 minutes and do not remain on-stage once you have taken your shots.

BR: MEDIA and PHOTO will be granted access to the VIP seating area to the right of the stage. PHOTO ONLY will have access to the ramp in front of the stage and will be advised as far in advance of any restrictions to a particular performance. Due to the limited amount of space on the photo ramp, including the video team, no backpacks or equipment bags will be allowed on the ramp. PHOTO will be provided a place to store bags while they are on the ramp. WBF will not be liable for theft or damage.

Stage Managers, Gate Access Managers, and Volunteers do not have time to manage MEDIA & PHOTO and will have the authority to limit or completely ban PHOTO/MEDIA from their area should they feel it necessary to limit the disruption to doing their job.  When accessing any seating areas mentioned above, paying attendees and performer badges always have priority seating over MEDIA/PHOTO people. Please give up your seat when necessary. 

Only photographers with professional cameras such as SLR and interchangeable lens cameras will be allowed in the Photo Pit (BL) and on the Photo Ramp (BR). Professional Point-and-Shoot cameras and supplemental phone cameras, for occasional live shots, will be permitted on a limited basis. 

All photographers approved for a PHOTO pass will be required to sign a Hold Harmless Agreement with the Festival.  Oregon Food Bank will send the agreement to each approved photographer for review and signature and must be at the Will Call Desk for credentials to be issued. They can be emailed back or brought to Will Call upon check in. 


Professionally Purposed Video recording is strictly prohibited at 2017 Waterfront Blues Festival without prior authorization from Oregon Food Bank.  Any unauthorized video can result in confiscation of equipment and removal from Festival grounds.  For most outlets, other than hard TV News, access into the Festival will not be permitted. 


Professionally Purposed Audio recording equipment is prohibited at 2017 Waterfront Blues Festival without prior authorization from Oregon Food Bank.  Authorization for handheld recording devices to conduct interviews should be requested within this application.  Recording of music is strictly prohibited. If approval is granted to carry an audio recording device, Oregon Food Bank will provide an Authorization Letter.


Interviews should be arranged with artist management directly.  Artist management will have sole authority to accept or refuse interview requests.  Oregon Food Bank does not provide backstage access for press, so off-site interviews are encouraged. 

The Production and Festival Staff reserve the right to grant additional access, or revoke access, throughout the festival as they deem appropriate.

Thank you for supporting Oregon Food Bank and the 2017 Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival.



Media Contact

Media contacts for the Waterfront Blues Festival or Oregon Food Bank: 

Tara Taylor, 503-575-2109
Myrna Jensen, 503-575-2102 

Other useful resources:

On-site, at the festival

To check in and receive your media pass, go to Festival Will Call starting on Friday, June 30 at 10 a.m.

Please carry your media credentials.