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Help Fight Hunger

31 Years Fighting Hunger

The Waterfront Blues Festival is committed to providing a world-class event to the community of Portland and beyond that presents diverse musical arts, culture, and entertainment. The festival has been committed to using its broad platform to create awareness and support of hunger relief efforts for 30 years.

In 2018, the Waterfront Blues Festival is proud to partner with both Oregon Food Bank and Sunshine Division, reaffirming the festival’s three-decade commitment to the region’s fight against hunger. Over the last 30 years under the Oregon Food Bank’s stewardship, the festival raised over $10 million and 20 million pounds of food.

The Oregon Food Bank opened its doors back in 1988 when Interagency Food Bank and Oregon Food Share merged. Their goal was to eliminate hunger and its root causes while serving local communities. Today, the O.F.B. collects food from retailers, individuals, and government sources to distribute food through a statewide network. There are 21 regional food banks and 1,200 relief sites serving all of Oregon and Clark County, Washington.


The Sunshine Division has offered free food and clothing assistance to Oregon for over 95 years! The Sunshine Division has built a local legacy of mobilizing quickly and efficiently to assist distressed Portlanders. Individuals and families can get relief six days a week at their North Thompson location, four days a week at their Southeast Stark location, and 24/7 assistance through a partnership with the Portland Police Bureau.

Fight Hunger

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