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Oregon Food Bank 
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Travel Portland
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Clay Fuller, Festival Producer
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Clay Fuller, Festival Producer
503-297-2700 (phone)
503-297-4889 (fax)



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Peter Dammann, Artistic Director
P.O. Box 17511
Portland, OR 97217
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News media

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Media Passes

Thank you for contacting Oregon Food Bank about media coverage of the 29th Annual Waterfront Blues Festival.  Due to the increased interest from media and the limited number of passes, we have simplified our media pass process.  Consideration for access will be:

  • Waterfront Blues Festival "official" media sponsors
  • Media with professional photography equipment (i.e., a camera with a detachable lens longer than 4”)

ONLY media who are approved will have access to the ramp on the main stage.  All other media are welcome to attend the festival and purchase a pass but will not have access to the ramp.  Media must provide the information below, and be approved 10 business days prior to the event.  A staff member from the WBF will contact you regarding your status.  If you are approved and you do not  bring professional equipment as described above, you still will not be allowed on the main stage ramp. 

Thank you for your support and cooperation. 

Application questions to apply for a media pass at the WBF:
  1. Your contact information including:
    • Your name
    • E-mail address
    • Twitter handle
    • Phone number
    • Postal address
    • Name of media outlet
    • Estimated audience size
    • Name of editor
    • Editor's phone number
    • Editor’s e-mail
  2. A letter of assignment from your editor
  3. A copy of your media credentials
  4. Proof of 2015 festival coverage
  5. 30 photographs taken by you from Waterfront Blues Festival 2015

Please submit your materials to Tara Taylor at

Tara Taylor, Director of Community Involvement
Oregon Food Bank
971-223-3383 (office)
503-282-0922 (fax)