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Bluesfest 2020 bandwagon

Blues Fest Bandwagon

Blues Fest Bandwagon

Do you hear it? That’s a little bit of live music coming your way. The Blues Fest Bandwagon will bring live music to driveways, cul-de-sacs, and front porches in the Portland Metro Area July 3 and 4. And guess what? YOU can nominate your favorite friend, frontline hero, or family member to be a part of the socially-distanced fun. We’re working with amazing local musicians to safely hop on the Bandwagon to bring some tunes, happiness and smiles to our community.

Nominations are now closed, and winners will be contacted directly.

Blues Fest Band Wagon




Pioneer Waterproofing

Portland Community College

The Let It Ride Group

The Oregonian | Oregonian Live

Blues Fest Cares

Blues Fest Cares

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