“We have a blast playing this music…emotion–very simple…music is emotion…no fake stuff…all passion…and pure Thunder,” that’s how the Thunder Brothers describe their music. But you have to check them out yourselves to fully appreciate their sound that will have your toes tapping and your head bobbing.

The Thunder Brothers have been backing regional and national acts together for nearly two decades. With Michael Quinby and Doug Rowell on guitar and vocals, Edwin Coleman III on drums, and Timmer Blakely on bass, this quartet is appropriately named, bringing power and passion to every note that they play. Come and feel the Thunder. The list of artists that they have recorded, toured, and performed with collectively and independently is extensive and recognizable including names like B.B. King, Ry Cooder, Elvin Bishop, Savoy Brown, Charmaine Neville, the Roseland Hunters, Karen Lovely and many more.

DOUG ROWELL Guitar / Vocals - Doug has been performing professionally over 40 years. “I knew at an early age that I wanted to be a guitarist. As a boy I had classical piano lessons.” This became the foundation for his “self-taught” guitar method. Doug's training came from the bars and roadhouses he began playing in at 18 years old. He has been blessed to have made a living in the entertainment industry in many capacities. “I have performed in several different bands with Timmer over the past five years and with Michael in different settings for a couple of years. Edwin is the newest member, joining us a couple of months ago.”

EDWIN COLEMAN III Drums - Growing up Edwin wanted to be a professional boxer, football player or musician. Looks like music won. He studied piano and cello for many years before he self-taught himself on drums. During the day, Edwin works for a local utility company and also as a freelance cartoonist. “Before The Thunder Brothers, I played A few gigs with Quinby, but this is my first time with badass Timmer and badass Doug”. 

TIMMER BLAKELY Bass / Vocals - Timmer has been playing professionally for nearly 38 years. He took piano lessons at the age of 5, and played band in high school and college. “Ironically, teaching has taught me a lot, continuously explaining the theories and concepts through the teaching process inadvertently causes you to really see and understand how everything works together in music.” When Timmer began performing at 12, he knew then that music would be his life. He has worked freelance with many local, regional, and national bands. “Doug and I first worked with Franco and the Stingers and Karen Lovely.” He met Michael playing with Karen. This is his first project with Edwin. 

MICHAEL QUINBY Guitar / Vocals - “I have always wanted to be a musician. My father is a professional musician and a music teacher, so I come by it honestly.” Michael is a self-taught musician, in spite of his father’s best efforts. “He really allowed me to learn my own way”.  
Michael's very first professional gig at the age of 14 (seventy million years ago) at the Vintage Inn located in Ashland, Oregon. He has been working to support myself as a musician ever since that debut. “I’ve played with Doug and Timmer several times over the last two years in support of Karen Lovely. Edwin subbed one time, three years ago, for the Roseland Hunters.”