“In the annals of great male-female musical couplings, TERRY ROBB & LAUREN SHEEHAN may just be the new gold standard. Robb’s explosive acoustic blues ferocity tempered by Sheehan’s sensual old time spunk makes for riveting interplay. That old chestnut of an act being more than the sum of the parts has never been more true.”  - LISA LEPINE 

Serious steam rises when TERRY ROBB & LAUREN SHEEHAN romp through country blues traditions from the deep south to the Pacific NW. While rooting up old songs and celebrating with modern boogies, Robb’s burning guitar, fleet fingers, wry humor, and intensity rages as Sheehan's delightful playing and nuanced, sandy-edged vocals wind like Delta water through their blue terrain.

TERRY is in the Oregon music hall of fame and won the Cascade Blues Association Acoustic guitar award so many times that it is now named after him. LAUREN is a nationally touring artist and her music has been featured on NPR, BBC and BB King's blues palace radio show.