MARK BOSNIAN is a voice transformation expert who helps singers change lukewarm audience reactions into standing ovations.

As a coach of Grammy nominated singer Meredith Brooks, the cast of the TNT television show LEVERAGE, American Idol semi-finalist Haley Johnsen, and Ruban Nielson, who sang on JIMMY FALLON’S TONIGHT SHOW with his band Unreal Mortal Orchestra, Mark attracts clients because of his head, keeps them because of his heart, and earns their trust because he uses both. 

His love of music and performing started at the ripe age of 4 when he sang on a Los Angeles children’s show. When the studio audience cheered, Mark was hooked. He became an award-winning singer songwriter, performing on The NBC TODAY SHOW and THE PAT SAJAK SHOW, as well as all over the world. He was inducted into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame in 2001.

MARK’S the author of SING FREE NOW! 3 STEPS TO POWER, PASSION AND CONFIDENCE. This “owners manual for your voice” cracks the code on how Nature has wired us to breathe, project and confidently be heard. Mark has been called “voice confidence in a can” and is on a mission to help you transform your voice and transform your life.