Fronted by the original Dan Hicks and The Hot Licks bass player, JAIME LEOPOLD, THE SHORT STORIES play the blues their way and call it “American Quirk”— a mix of folk jazz, blue country, and acid memory for your listening and dancing pleasure. 
Playing all original music, JAIME LEOPOLD & THE SHORT STORIES is a collaborative effort with all band members contributing to this genre-bending music. The band features Jaime on guitar and vocals, Jennifer Smieja on vocals, Clark Salisbury on guitar; Aaron Lowe on harmonica, J. Michael Kearsey on bass, and Fred Ingram on drums.

Jaime's songs are inspired by his early years in the Haight-Ashbury as a part of the youth culture of the day, where he hung out with many legends of those times—Allen Ginsburg, Neal Cassady, Jerry Garcia, to name a few. Jaime, toting his upright bass from his hometown of Portland to San Francisco, played in The Orkustra, a psychedelic electrified orchestra, before becoming the original and longtime bass player for DAN HICKS & THE HOT LICKS. His approach to art and life was strongly influenced by those freewheeling times.  

JAIME LEOPOLD & THE SHORT STORIES continue to bring new tales of truth and consequence to all those willing to slow down and take a listen. Their new CD is entitled LIVE AT O'CONNOR'S, a venerable Portland roadhouse.
“Americana folk, embellished with a touch of country, then seasoned with a slice of blues-tinged longing. This is music that breathes life.” - FOLK WORDS (UK)

“An album of literary slice-of-life gems.” - OREGON MUSIC NEWS

“I love these songs.” - FIONA APPLE 

“The man's a poet” - DAN HICKS