The magic of music is found in the collaboration, inspiration, and chemistry between the players and the audience. With that in mind, 2015 Oregon Music Hall Of Fame Inductee, 2006 Cascade Blues Association Hall Of Fame Inductee and three-time Grammy Award nominated singer/songwriter, and guitarist, ELLEN WHYTE has joined with premier Portland-based musicians GENE HOUCK (bass and vocals) and JEAN-PIERRE GARAU (keyboards and vocals) to form "ELLEN, GENE, AND JEAN."
This trio has been able to mesmerize audiences of all ages and sizes. ELLEN, GENE AND JEAN'S performances, combining blues, R&B, jazz and pop influences, showcases the trio's musicianship, unique vocals and rich harmonies. Their dynamic energy characterizes their "songwriters in the round" styled live performances.
Their three recordings: TAKE ONE, SEASON OF PEACE, and INSIDE OUT, explode with the special sonic personality that has embodied their live performances.  Take three master singers and musicians, add in some uniquely inspired renditions of some classic pop and standards (not to mention some original material) and you have  "heart and heat."

Ellen, Gene, and Jean delivers a powerful, playful sound for the soul.