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Oregon Food Bank The Waterfront Blues Festival is owned and produced by Oregon Food Bank. 


Who we are and what we doChild

Our mission: To eliminate hunger and its root causes… because no one should be hungry.

Oregon Food Bank collects and distributes food through a network of four Oregon Food Bank branches and 17 independent regional food banks serving Oregon and Clark County, Washington. 

Along with approximately 970 partner agencies, we help nearly one in five households fend off hunger. We work to address the root causes of hunger by offering nutrition education, strengthening local food systems, collaborating with community groups, and advocating for hunger relief at the local and federal level.


Did you know? food boxes

The need for supplemental food remains extremely high.

  • The Oregon Food Bank Network helps 1 in 5 households in Oregon and Clark County, Washington.
  • In an average month, an estimated 270,000 people are receiving food from a food pantry through the Oregon Food Bank Network. 
  • 32% of households served by the Oregon Food Bank Network seek supplemental food assistance from a pantry 12 or more times per year.
  • Long-term unemployment, persistent underemployment and the high cost of food, gas, utilities and rent continue to plague people in Oregon and Clark County, Washington.
  • The rate of food insecurity (not knowing where the next meal will come from) in Oregon is 16.1%. About 644,000 Oregonians are food insecure, of those 223,480 are children. 
  • While the economy is improving for some, about 72% of the people who receive food have incomes below the federal poverty level.
  • Of households utilizing food pantries, about 80% of them are able to meet their food needs for the month with the help of a pantry.
  • Hunger hurts children, families, seniors, veterans and the disabled. 
  • Children who are hungry get sick more often and have more trouble learning. Approximately 34% of those eating food received from a local pantry are children. 

Thank you blues fans!2013 Crowd

Last year, the Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival, presented by First Tech Federal Credit Union, raised $869,214 for Oregonians facing hunger.

Your donations at the gate and purchase of tickets and passes make a difference!

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