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Northwest Women Rhythm & Blues

Northwest Women Rhythm & Blues

July 2

Afternoon & Evening Show

Presented by Blue Diamond

Guitarist Sonny Hess has curated the Northwest Women Rhythm & Blues award-winning all-star shows at Waterfront Blues Festival for nearly two decades, featuring not only the region’s top female performers but also exposing new talent to the region’s blues scene. Sonny has put together two stellar lineups for the WBF-Upriver, Friday, July 2:

Afternoon Show: Nayibe Rojas, Rae Gordon, and Myrtle Brown (vocals); Sonny Hess and Kathryn Grimm (guitar and vocals); Ward Griffiths (drums); and Leah Hinchcliff (bass).

Evening Show: Lady Kat, Rae Gordon and Joanne Broh (vocals); Lisa Mann (bass, vocals); Kelly Pierce (drums); Sonny Hess and Kathryn Grimm (guitar and vocals).

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