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River City Riot! Brass Band

River City Riot! Brass Band


Bring your best shoes to the waterfront because River City Riot! will have you moving, dancing, and jamming out to their loudest brawling beats. Their mix of traditional New Orleans brass band music, alternative rock, and jazz results in what they call “Molotov Rampage Street Music.” Since 2016, River City Riot! has been a staple in both Portland’s and Vancouver’s music scenes.

And now, the origin story of River City Riot!

A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away, nine musicians came together after work to blow off steam. One day they decided to take their music to the people and on that day, the Riot! was formed. Now they bring their fiery music to the streets of Portland to play their burning beats for anyone who will listen.

The fire department is on standby, have your extinguishers ready, and prepare for some serious fun as River City Riot! rocks out July 4 at the gates Waterfront Blues Festival.

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Copyright © 1987-2018 Waterfront Blues Festival. All rights reserved.