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Brother Yusef

Brother Yusef


Brother Yusef has been described as a master solo guitarist, and passionate vocalist. He has honed his guitar skills and vocals for over 30 years into a sound he calls “Fattback Blues.” Fattback Blues combines “traditional” finger-picking and slide-guitar playing with the contemporary feel of urban blues to create a full band sound with one guitar. YUSEF uses his right hand thumb to beat out a percussive bass-line and shuffle, while the index finger plays rhythm and lead lines.

Brother Yusef, today with six albums under his belt, remembers first hearing the call of the Blues as a young child attending church with his grandparents in Bakersfield, California. Like any young musician hungry for musical enlightenment, he picked up a guitar at age 19 and began experimenting with reggae, R&B and jazz. He found himself at a musical crossroads in 1989 while paying his last respects to his grandfather. A soloist at the funeral played a soothing church hymn on guitar that instantly connected Yusef to his grandfather, elders, and ancestors in the rich tradition of the Blues.

Brother Yusef, a favorite of the blues-dance crowd, has gained recognition from audiences and musicians throughout North America, Asia, Africa and Europe.


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