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Too Loose Cajun/Zydeco Band

Too Loose Cajun/Zydeco Band


Presented by Power Crunch

The ever-popular Too Loose Cajun/Zydeco Band rocks the house with their infectious brand of Cajun and zydeco dance music from Southwestern Louisiana. Featuring two fiddles, accordion, electric and acoustic guitars, piano, traditional Louisiana rub-board, and a kickin’ rhythm section, tight vocal harmonies—and fronted by charismatic vocalist Jennifer Smieja and Lafayette-born keyboardist Steve Kerin—TOO LOOSE has become a perennial favorite on the zydeco stage at the Waterfront Blues Festival, as well as at parties, weddings and festivals throughout the region. There’s no finer purveyor in the Pacific Northwest of Louisiana bayou Cajun, Zydeco and bayou grooves.

Jennifer Smieja – vocals and guitar
Peter Dammann – guitar
Steve Kerin – vocals, keyboards
Tim Shaughnessy – bass
Lefty Head – fiddle, vocals
Rick Obbink – squeeze-box, vocals
Robert Lee – fiddle, vocals
Tom Goicoechea – drums


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