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Mike Munson

Mike Munson


“As a one man operation Munson is far more than satisfactory. In fact, he’s damn good.” – Southern Minnesota Scene Magazine

“Munson’s ubiquity, skill, and good character has helped make his music a part of the quintessential Winona experience.” – The Noisy Neighbor

Mike Munson makes his home in Winona, Minnesota a town sandwiched between the Mississippi River and the bluffs with train tracks cutting through its middle. When not playing guitar, Munson tends a large garden, canning gallons of salsa and hot sauce, and cooking meals for anyone who stops over.

His blues influences include Fred McDowell, Jack Owens, and Jesse Mae Hemphill all from areas of rural Mississippi that Munson visits often.  His upcoming album, Rose Hill, was recorded in Bentonia, MS at the Blue Front Cafe, the oldest juke joint in Mississippi.

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