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Bayou Boyz

Bayou Boyz


The Bayou Boyz might easily be described as bringing an infectiously compelling twist to music that is familiar, if not well-known. The buzz around these guys is growing, especially among some of the finest musicians around. Theirs is a fearless approach to song selection and musical exploration. They’ll tackle just about anything from the Great American Music Book and take it in the most unexpected directions, while holding strong to a Louisiana-based center. Whether you’re listening or dancing, there’s a pretty high level of excitement and the mix is nothing short of impressive. This unit has all the makings of being one of the surprise discoveries for festival goers this year. You never know who is likely to join Steve Kerin (keyboard/vocals), Dan Berkery (guitar/vocals), Lloyd Jones (guitar/vocals), Brian Foxworth (drums/vocals), and David Kahl (bass/vocals). The tribe has grown to the point where some stellar artists have become members of what’s known as Bayou Boyz – Family Style — and, boy, what a family!

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